I do art because I live art.

A surface on which I can freely paint - be it a canvas or on textiles and furniture - means freedom for me. The freedom to create something beautiful and never seen before. But it also means being able to sort out all the pictures and feelings by rubbing them down just as they swirl around in my head.


Canvas is the background that I prefer to work the most, but also textiles of various kinds I love to work on. At the age of 5, my father put me and his oil paint and brush at home in front of a canvas while he painted his own.  Later, I exchanged the oil paint and the brush for acrylic and spatula. The spray-cans are other tools that I often use to highlight certain elements.


By looking at my art, it becomes clear that it can’t be classified in any style 100%.

I like to use the term "THE NEW LIFESTYLE", because the topics that concern my art, concerns each one of us or has ever lived through. The themes of the environment, illness, loss and self-discovery are among others very strongly represented. 


I get my inspiration from life itself, because most of the topics arise through their own experiences. This is most clearly reflected in my work "Fuck Cancer":

The provocative vocabulary and gestures of the astronaut portrayed on it show an anger towards the disease that only parties or relatives can muster. In the spring of 2017, my mother died as a result of cancer.


Thus, I decided to change my previous stage name FIFI, derived from my Hungarian name "Zsofi", as a tribute to her. The second F and I reversed in the name gives the numbers 71, which not only continue to keep the name stable, but also represent the birth year and vice versa the year of my mother's death.

Because of this, the commitment to cancer research and those who are affected is a big concern for me. Equally important, however, is to make people aware of the protection of the environment. In my series Lady is this emphasized the most.

The mother nature represented in a female body, which should represent the unique traits and strengths of the woman as well.

The appeal is addressed to each of us: "Nature and woman create life.

Let us appreciate them more and give them the recognition they deserve”. But also, the importance of love and cohesion in the whole family and world is dealt with in the series like "Faces" and the work "Cohesion".

My intention is not to impose or reprimand people through my art; I merely show an attitude to life that I have gained in the years through experiences. I want to represent an opinion and illuminate it through my pictures.



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